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Enchanted April
Direction: Sue Ellen Nelsen
Scenic Design: Kim A. Tolman
Lighting Design: Wendy W. Gilmore
Composer & Sound Designer: Don Tieck


...Act 2's idyllic Italian castle received 'wow' reviews from the audience the moment the curtained opened.


Director's Notes about Enchanted April :
The play, Enchanted April, was adapted from a novel of the same name written in 1922 by Elizabeth Von Armin. Mrs. Von Armin was recovering from a disastrous second marriage when she went with a female companion to Italy. Her resulting novel inspired Matthew Barber's play. The play concerns four rather diverse English women who leave behind their rain-drenched, dreary lives when they rent an Italian castle for a month. They are compelled to escape because each is caught in circumstances that they would never have chosen for themselves. Each hopes to regain a sense of purpose and the promise of a better life. Their tragic secrets, personal losses and unbearable loneliness gradually diminish in the sunshine and beauty of San Salvatore. We are provided with a glimpse into the psyche of the post World War I population of England. The war had ended in 1918 with Great Britain alone losing nearly a million men. The early 1920's were transitional years as the world began its process of renewal and healing. The gloom of the war years gave way to the celebration of life that the 1920's encompassed. This play mirrors that transition as Lotty, Rose, Caroline, and Mrs. Graves individually transform themselves from feelings of hopelessness and loss to a sense of contentment, joyfulness and romance. Enchanted April is about the sheer miracle of life -- the potential for pleasure in each of the choices we make, and the possibility we have for change and restoration, no matter how long we have lived our lives. It is a testament to the spirit and the ability to renew itself. As our winter begins to fade and spring approaches, may we all find our own "wisteria and sunshine."





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